John Herman
November 13, 1867 - 1954

John Herman was born in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, and attended school there. He was the second child of John Herman and Caroline Foemmel. When a young man, he ran a 200 acre dairy farm in Wisconsin, but since it was not very profitable, he decided to leave.

He first went to Spokane, Washington in 1904, where he spent five years as railroad inspector of passenger trains. In 1913 he bought a 65 acre farm near Sherwood, Oregon. He built a new house and barn on the property. He had six children with his wife Laura, all of whom attended Pleasant Hill School in Sherwood, and then went on to college in Oregon.  Laura died in 1924, and after her death, all of the children left to strike out for themselves.

 John was a successful farmer, and at one time raised as many as 300 hogs a year. In 1935 he started to raise nuts and prunes, and by 1949 he had 12 acres of nuts and six acres of prunes. He continued to live by himself in a small house on the property, and his daughter-in-law and grandson lived in the original house.

John was known as a good neighbor in the Sherwood area, and was well liked.


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