Frank Herman
April 3, 1887 - November 6, 1949

Frank Herman was born April 3, 1887 in Indianapolis, the son of Valentine and Theresa Herman .  Like his father, he was a man of small stature, being only about 5 feet, 5 inches tall.  He was a sheet metal worker who operated his own business in Indianapolis for a number of years.  He made and repaired furnaces in the winter, and worked on gutters during the summer.  

Frank married Lydia Fredaricka Keely, and together they had 16 children in the years between 1910 and 1936, two of which died in infancy.  During the great depression Frank's business went steadily downhill, and he lost most of his customers.  Eventually he lost the business due to the hard times.  Of all his children, only Sydney carried on the sheet metal trade.

In their later years, Frank and Lydia lived in a house at 1104 N. Oriental Street, on the near east side of Indianapolis.  The house was purchased by Frank's son Raymond, and Raymond lived there with his parents and his two brothers, Virgil and Larry.  

Frank died on November 6, 1949 of cancer of the stomach.  He is buried with his wife Lydia at Washington Park East Cemetery, in section A, Lot 143.  

Note: Frank Herman's death certificate from the Marion County Health Department shows his father's name as John Herman.  This is almost certainly a mistake, since numerous living persons and written documents attest to the fact that his father was Valentine Herman.

Documents on file for Frank Herman;