Welcome to the Herman Family Web Page!

First of all, let me introduce myself.  My name is Paul Herman, administrator of the Herman Family Web Page.  Most of the "Indianapolis" Hermans know me, but my name might not be familiar to some of our extended family from Sheboygan and other points, or to newer generations of Hermans.  I am the son of Ralph Herman, who was a son of Frank and Lydia Herman of Indianapolis.  Frank was a son of Valentine Herman, who was a son of John and Anna Herman. And John Herman was the son of Johann Herman, which takes us to the top of the line as far as we know it.  Johann Herman lived in Germany, and his son John emigrated from Hesse-Darmstadt Germany in 1837 - that's as far as we have been able to trace so far.

The main purpose of this "Welcome" page is to encourage all family members to get involved, contribute, and stay in touch.  In order for this web page to be interesting, it is important for as many family members as possible to visit often, and tell others about it.  I'll also try to give you some tips on how the web site is organized, and how to make the best use of the resources available here.

A Tour of the Herman Family Web Page

The page you see when you first visit the Herman Family Web Page is called the "Home" page.  It is like the main switchboard for the entire web site, and contains links to other sections. This would be a good page to bookmark if you plan to visit on a regular basis.  From the Home page, several other pages can be accessed;

Making the best use of the Herman Family Web Page

Everyone will have a different reason for visiting the Herman Family Web Page.  Therefore, there are a number of ways to find the information you want quickly.  If, as is hoped, you plan to be a regular visitor, probably the best thing to do is to bookmark the What's New page.  Using this as your entry point will tell you instantly if anything has changed since your last visit.  However, if you tell someone else about the website, please give them the URL of the Home page as a starting point;


If you would like to contact another family member, go to the Name Index  page.  Once you find the name you are looking for, simply click on the mailbox symbol to send an E-mail.

If you are doing genealogical research, you might want to try the Surnames page first.  If you find a match, look in the Name Index, and then in the Ancestry table.  When you discover a link into our family tree, or if you see data that is incomplete or inaccurate, please notify me so that changes can be made.

How can you help?

I am hoping that everyone who is reading this page is asking this question.  Nevertheless, I am going to give you some tips and suggestions anyway.

Best wishes ... Hope to hear from all of you soon!